Chef Don on the New Winter Menu


Chef Chris and Executive Chef Don Law

Chef Chris Rountree and Executive Chef Don Law

Executive Chef Don Law began working his culinary magic at The Georgia Club before houses had even been constructed on the property.  As TGC’s sixth longest employee after seven years, he has witnessed a lot of growth, both at the Club and within his job.

” The best thing about being  Chef at The Georgia Club is that it never gets boring. With menu changes, daily specials, banquet orders and special requests, I always get to create something new and interesting.”

Chef Don draws inspiration from a few favorite restaurant websites he occasionally browses. However, he claims a lot of the culinary genius behind some of TGC’s most unique dishes comes from Chef Chris Rountree, a former English major who turned his passion for food into a career.

“Chris is a real foodie with first class taste and a good eye. I think I held him back creatively for a little while, but now I trust him to put together dishes I never would have thought of.”

With the new “Member Favorites” Winter Menu being unveiled next week, Chef Don offered a little insight into some of the most popular dishes.

“The Tomato Basil soup used to be a special. We moved it to the regular menu even though I thought it was too simple. I took it off the menu, but that only lasted two days because there were so many complaints about not having it. The Basil Chicken Salad plate is always pretty popular as well, and of course everyone likes the Filet Mignon.”

Chef Don said the “favorites” were chosen taking into consideration the most popular items and the requests of the most frequent regulars. He has learned the tastes of many members, like how the lady golfers love the Taco Salad, and one member always specially requests Filet Oscar.

He tries to prepare different dishes than other country clubs, but admits sometimes he estimates Members’ tastes a bit too conservatively.

“I didn’t think the Cuban Wrap would be very popular, but it has shown good sales,” he said.

Sometimes though, Chef Don knows the tastes of his audience too well.

“When we added the Blackened Salmon and Grits to the menu, I figured it would do well. Ideally, the dishes should sell about even, but some nights Salmon and Grits  makes almost 75 percent of the sales!”

With the release of the Winter Menu comes some old traditionals and some new favorites. But if none of those dishes appeal to you, Chef Don encourages you to take him up on his rarely accepted offer:

“If you don’t see something you like, let me know and I will create something special just for you.”

A personal dish from the Executive Chef? Now that is some fine dining at The Georgia Club!


Christmas Tour of Homes is THIS SUNDAY

The Second Annual Christmas Tour of Homes is THIS SUNDAY, December 7. Tickets are still available for purchase at the following location: The Georgia Club (call 770-725-8100), North Georgia Bank (Watkinsville), Barrow & Oconee Chambers and The Peoples Bank (Winder/Statham/Athens). Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 the day of the Tour and will be sold in two time slots—arrival between Noon and 2:00 p.m. and arrival after 2:00 p.m. The Tour will conclude at 5:00 p.m. We hope to see you there!

Georgia Club Members Dedicate Memorial Park Bench


dedication-046Several dozen Members gathered together Sunday, November 16 for the dedication of The Georgia Club Foundation’s first park bench. The bench was dedicated to the Mercardante family by neighbors in Wexford Gardens in memory of Luke Mercardante who was killed in Afghanistan last Spring. Rev. Jon Appleton, Rev. Charles Jones, Anne Clarke representing Wexford Gardens and trumpet player Jim McKillip also participated in the service.  For more information regarding The Georgia Club Foundation, please visit  

Construction on Hole #5 Red Completed

Recent golfers on the Red Nine have no doubt noticed a major renovation that has taken place to Hole #5. Based on Member feedback and the fact that several of the existing trees were stressed and dying, Director of Golf Management Division Dennis Echols and Course Designer Denis Griffiths have made some changes. They have removed several trees, brought in 2,500 cubic yards of dirt to level the area and added 4 to 5 bunkers on the left hand edge of the hole to create strategy to the hole that used to exist from the dying trees. One of the players from the Men’s UGA Golf Team hit some demonstration shots to illustrate how the hole would play from the back tees. “These changes will make the hole much, much more aesthetically pleasing and much more fun for the average golfer,” commented Dennis Echols. Course Designer Denis Griffiths added, “There will now be a decision-making process on the tee with some risk-reward for golfers.” The new hole is completed and is ready for play.

The Georgia Club Foundation Contributes Time and Talent to Statham Food Drive

Volunteers from The Georgia Club Foundation help sort and package food during the Statham Food Drive October 16.

Since its inception in 2006, The Georgia Club Foundation has given generously to a variety of community-at-large organizations.  The group has banded together to raise funds through Tours of Homes and Celebrity Golf Tournaments, has spread cheer through Christmas caroling to shut-ins and nursing homes, and has adopted more than 100 children each Christmas to provide gifts that Santa normally might not bring.  However, last Thursday was the first opportunity the group has banded together and physically rolled up its sleeves to help with another community outreach — helping with the Statham Food Drive.  The Georgia Club Foundation supplied more than half of the volunteers who helped unload 30,000 pounds (15 tons!) of food that was donated and supplied by the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia.  The volunteers repackaged the food for family distribution and helped the families load the food in their cars.  More than 450 families were served.  According to Gwen Hill of the Barrow County Benevolence Ministries which was the sponsoring organization of the Food Drive, nearly 40 pounds of food was donated to each family and this was one of the larger food drives in the Northeast Georgia area. 

“Everyone worked really hard and did a super job,” commented Shirley Willoughby who together with her husband, Bob, coordinated The Georgia Club Foundation volunteers.  “Bob was so impressed because it was so easy to get the volunteers.  He just called and everyone said they would be glad to help.  It was a real donation of time and talent.”

Another volunteer, George Otwell, agreed.  “We feel it was an excellent demonstration of community cooperation from The Georgia Club.  It should help in letting the rest of the county know that we are real people, willing to help.” 

Mary Poor, who volunteered with her husband, Don, said it was really the reactions from the benefitting families that made an impact on her.  “The “thank yous” I received were heart-warming.  One woman, in particular, who told me…………”believe me, I don’t want to be in this line”………but she had just lost her job and she can’t seem to find another one.”

“It’s important to get out there and work in the community,” echoed Shirley Willoughby.  “There are 6,300 in Barrow County alone below the poverty line and it really makes you think.”

The relationship with the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia was formed when The Georgia Club Foundation donated more than $5,000 to the organization which was a beneficiary of the Inaugural Celebrity Golf Tournament in August.

Gwen Hill added that they were very appreciative of all the help and it meant a great deal.  No doubt, The Georgia Club Foundation will be involved in future Food Drives.

Additional pictures of the Statham Food Drive can be viewed.

The Georgia Club Introduces New Fall Menus

The Georgia Club is proud to announce the unveiling of our new Fall 2008 menus.

The Georgia Club Dinner Menu will include everything from southern comfort food like Crispy Trout and Pork Tenderloin Medallions to delicious twists on international favorites like Braised Veal and Flat Iron Steak. Some House Specialty Items that will remain on the Fall 2008 Dinner Menu include the Filet Mignon and the Seared Salmon. In addition, to celebrate Thanksgiving Day The Georgia Club will be offering a Thanksgiving Day Buffet as well as a Thanksgiving Feast to Go.

The Georgia Club Launches New Website

The Georgia Club is proud to announce the launch of our newly-designed website! The new design, created by Atlanta Designs, includes greatly improved graphics, lots of pictures, even easier navigability and more interaction with areas like our general Georgia Club Forum (blog). We invite you to visit to check out all the new improvements!